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  • Leadership of tomorrow :)

    Posted by Kaspar / on 11/01/2010 / 0 Comments

    The theme for prodigi - Leadership of tomorrow is my input for you on how I see good leadership.

    Why is that important ? because without good leadership digitizing the public sector will never succeed - so this is one determent both in Public and the private sector - for win - win situations.

     My first thought on leadership is - you cannot say that leadership is on method to be used - it is up to the situation in which you lead and the people you lead. A leader in a football team use on approach - a leader ..

  • BPR/LEAN in the Public Sector. A case storry.

    Posted by Kaspar / on 06/27/2010 / 0 Comments

    Dear friends et Al 

    I am writing to you because I am working on the theme  for regarding BPR/LEAN in the public sector. And for me I made one of my best performances with some very nice colleges in CSC, for the Danish Medicines Agency. I was a driving factor with the team on BPR/Lean in digitizing process analyses in a SOA solution. I am writting to you because I will present a workproces I analysed and proposed with partners NNIT, ScanJour, IBM and Garnetgroup. In Danich they are called "as is 81b" and "to be 81b", see the ..

  • Ubuntu - first hand expression

    Posted by Kaspar / on 06/27/2010 / 0 Comments

    Dear Friens et al What is ubuntu ?

    I have tested a ubuntu -  linux system some days -  and my first hand expression is very nice. It easy to use and understand - the intereface are for my self explanning. It is free so it is a good alternative for Microsoft and Apple. Tjek it out on  so if you don't have the economic ressources for a Microsoft system or Apple then use Ubuntu.


    Thanks to Mr Kokott who provided my the oportunity to try it.



  • Input on the subject education in a digitizing age

    Posted by testuserprodigi / on 05/16/2010 / 1 Comment


    Dear Prodigi and members

    the theme Education and digitizing should also take the library system in Denmark in notice, it is a very good system that makes it easy for every one to read and access information regardless income, education or social background.

    see the links down below

    Have a nice week


  • How to improve transparency in the Public sector and enhance democracy

    Posted by Kaspar / on 05/16/2010 / 0 Comments


    In Denmark the legacy is changing so the transparency in the Public sector are being more open . This is good for the democracy, See the shared links on the front page to get information on the subject. This is interesting, because seen in a broader perspective how open should the Public sector be. Because on one hand it is good for the citizen/the press/ etc. On the other hand not all information can be open to the public according to military subjects and other confidential information. Transparency can be a very strong enabler but on the other hand it can ..

  • Interesting perspektive on data security in danich

    Posted by Kaspar / on 05/10/2010 / 0 Comments


    Tjek out this article it is in danich on ekstra issues on the subject data security, if you do not read danich maybe try the google tranlation funktion


    best regards karo

  • How to train strength based leadership or Authentic leadership, tjek out

    Posted by Kaspar / on 04/26/2010 / 2 Comments


    I had the pleasure to practice my different intelligence a day with some of my best friends and colleges. And the other day I had the thought it could be an easy way to have fun and at the same time to train strength based leadership

    The story goes like this

    1. buy the game Cranium, besservisser or trivial pursuit.

    2. Let the leaders or the team dived the teams so it has the best change of winning the game.
    3. Play the game and give positive feed back to the members where there are good and where ..


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