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Network for professionals who work with electronic document management and digitizing the public sector. win - win situation !

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Remember I showe different points of view -  I do not agre with  them all, but by different point of view, you can make your approach. 

The last theme for prodigi are under construction and will be uploaded in the new year :)

I am gratefull for all the inspiration and help this year have a merry christmas and a happy new year 

best regard


creator Jochen Rochholz www.rochholz.dk


The Theme:  Leadership of tomorrow - based on yesterdays expirience - founded at todays reality :) 

The theme for prodigi - Leadership of tomorrow - is my input for you, it is how I see good leadership. It is not a critic of todays leaders  - it is the way I see leadership -  use it or don't - do or do not - their is no try :)  - Yoda


The mix  dream about change management, please join :) 

Why is it important ?

because without good leadership - digitizing the public sector will never succeed - so this is one singel factor of importance - both in Public and the private sector - for win - win situations.

What can we learn from the music ? 

By singing I Learned - not only to sing in a choir - but also to be better to listen - that is for me a good skill for a leader - trained in a grait enviroment - with heart and smilling - Manuela can create an enviroment where you can give your best - Leaders please create that for your people. - An example from Manuela - working with SAS institute.


My first thought on leadership is - you cannot say that leadership has one method to be used - it is up to the situation in which you lead and the people you lead. A leader in a football team use one approach - a leader in the It firm use another - maybe - but when that is said - i think you can say some common goods about leadership in general cross sectors.

Second - The leader in my point of view - should only gain success when the people gain success - a leader who focus to develop the people to gain success and through that gain success - is for me a good leader - coordinated with the business goal and strategy. And shoukd we at all focus on success or competitions ?-  tjek John Wooden

The theme is based on practical methods for you - that you can use in your work witch I have studied or used. 

1. Strength based leadership - read the book "Strenghts Finder" by Tom Rath. For me it was good,  because by reading the book, I realized or reflected on my own skills and the book has good examples for you to use. The method focuses  to develop and lead the people by their strength - on a daily basis - and not only on the MUS(Medarbejderudviklingsamtale) a Danish word for employer develop talk. Se www.wammen.net for further information in Danish. OR the company In Denmark - Intenz - have free seminars regarding leardership by strenght and positive psycologi 

2. Authenticated leadership is for me - one of the best and good approaches to leadership - in my time in CSC I participated in a studygroupe about AL - cross borders and nations. See


CSC AL - the browser Explorer to see ot Chrome 8

Garath Jones : AL Be yourself - more with skill 


3. I will showe cases - in my point of view - show different leadership skills - you can gain both by studying leadership but also through different other activities - you could sing and through that be better to participated in a group or develop your skills to listen to others. Work as a chef- in a restaurant and train your stress ability and or your skills to deliver a product of success to a client on time.

By singing I Learned not only to sing in a choir but also to be better to listen - that is for me a good skill for a leader - trained in a grait enviroment - with heart and smilling - Manuela can create an enviroment where you can give your best - leaders create that for your people.  - see what Manuela has created :) 


1. Bluebook - for you and your team - make it visible in the daily work -put it on the walls - so you can see it  The process - making it - is very funny
Some examples for you - so you can see the talents, competences and knowledge in your team and the people you work with. I made it with my team at KDU - www.ask.dk 

Mine and 2 fictive - based on a true story - Further information - ask my former leader Kjeld Hansen at ASK - KDU - kjh@ask.dk

1. Karo - bluebook - open it with explorer or chrome 8

 2. BB - Benny Boomstærk bluebook open it with explorer or chrome 8

 3. XYZ - the Marathonmann bluebook open it with explorer


2. How to creates common goals in your team.

value-based leadership and learning from our errors and success 

The facilitator has to be an outsider or insider - not the

leader -  The leader has to listen what the groupe says.

Inspiration - Game theory A Beautiful Mind - John Nash - Game Theory Scene

McKinsey Quarterly

Four principles can help you make great financial decisions-even when the CFO's not in the room.

PowerPoint tool - goals - values and feedback - A tool for you.

PDF version- goals - values and feedback - A tool for you. Open In Firefox or explorer


Should we share Goals ? a point of view :) 


3. Fairytale  - Storrytelling  - how to create a different culture in a organisation. the text is a link

It was used in a idear-central to talk about problems in a organisation: The problem = Elephant in this situation. 


4.  A tool and a guide to train and understanding your teams skills and yours by gaming.   the text is a link.

Use google translate or apertium ,see below, to translate if you do not read danish


Sign up at linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=84674&trk=hb_side_g

running fast in google chrome but edit's best in explorer, try test firefox and mozilla

please send material you want to share to krochholz@gmail.com

best regards Karo

www.prodigi.dk will in the future use www.webex.com for online meatings





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Mr stigers - what a sving beat

Big dreams - good TV session and nice music for a pop boy as me

Grovi beat lets dance


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