How to improve transparency in the Public sector and enhance democracy

Posted by Kaspar / on 05/16/2010 / 0 Comments


In Denmark the legacy is changing so the transparency in the Public sector are being more open . This is good for the democracy, See the shared links on the front page to get information on the subject. This is interesting, because seen in a broader perspective how open should the Public sector be. Because on one hand it is good for the citizen/the press/ etc. On the other hand not all information can be open to the public according to military subjects and other confidential information. Transparency can be a very strong enabler but on the other hand it can be the Achilles-heel for the democracy.

Lets take a case on the subject - The Curve-ball story is very interesting, because the background off the story and the medias investigation got access to email correspondence between CIA Germany and relevant parts. To my knowledge that is very unusual because that kind off information is normally classified information and not for the public to see. But maybe this is the core of the storry, because when you work in the public sector - everything you do and wright can one day be access and it should bee.

The Curve-ball story as a Cass, is not chosen because on its political theme on the intervention in Irak and Powels speak in the UN - but because it is very in lightning on transparency according to pros and cons in the debate.

For further information see the following links and podcast



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