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Posted by Kaspar / on 11/01/2010 / 0 Comments

The theme for prodigi - Leadership of tomorrow is my input for you on how I see good leadership.

Why is that important ? because without good leadership digitizing the public sector will never succeed - so this is one determent both in Public and the private sector - for win - win situations.

 My first thought on leadership is - you cannot say that leadership is on method to be used - it is up to the situation in which you lead and the people you lead. A leader in a football team use on approach - a leader in the It firm use another - maybe - but when that is said - i think you can say some common good about leadership in general across sectors.

 First the leader in my point of view should only gain success when the people gain success - a leader who focus on to develop the people to gain success and through that gain success - is a good leader.

The theme is based on practical methods for you that you can use in your work witch I have studied or used.

1. Strength based leadership - read the book strenth finder by Tom Rath. For me it was good because by reading the book I realized or reflected on my own skills and it had good examples for you to use. The method focuses on to develop and lead the peoples strength - on a daily basis - and not only on the MUS(Medarbejderudviklingsamtale) a Danish word for employer develop talk. Se www.wammen.net for further information in Danish or .

2. Authenticated leadership is for me on of the good approaches to leadership - in my time in CSC I participated in a study group about that cross borders and nations. See



3. I will show cases - that for me show different leadership skills you can gain both by studying leadership but also through different other activities - you could sing and through that be better to participated in a group or develop your skills to listen to others. Work as a chef and train you stress ability and or you skills to deliver a product of success to a client on time.

By singing I Learned not only to sing in a choir but also to be better to listen - that is for me a good skill for a leader - trained in a grait enviroment 







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